Melissa Leeflang

Fourth Grade

I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was 8 years old. I had a teacher who taught her students to “reach for the stars.” She had a huge impact on me and gave me the desire to encourage my students to accomplish the same goal.
I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Utah in 2003. After graduating, I had a blast teaching fourth grade in Salt Lake City for four years. During this time, I received my Master’s degree in Educational Curriculum as well my English as a Second Language Endorsement. I also completed my Technology Endorsement while participating in the Adobe Youth Voices program.
I have absolutely loved teaching first grade for 7 years at Lincoln Academy. I’m excited for my new adventure teaching 4th grade at Lincoln. Teaching is my passion! I love seeing my students’ faces when they learn and understand a new concept. I believe in providing my students with a practical and useful education by connecting teaching and learning to the real-world. Hands on and collaborative learning activities are my preferred teaching methods to help my students make this connection.
Students must learn in a safe and engaging classroom environment. I believe that providing them with a structured classroom and a consistent—as well as positive—teaching style is the best way to accomplish this. I believe students learn best in a cooperative learning environment where they practice listening, sharing, and being responsible. Providing opportunities for students to work and learn from others is essential to their learning process.
I believe students should be assessed informally and formally on a regular basis so I know whether they understand all learning standards and objectives. With the help of my teacher’s assistant, I will be able to meet with my students individually or in small groups to re-teach a concept they may not understand or to provide challenges for my students.
I enjoy teaching at Lincoln Academy because of its effective educational climate. Each teacher at Lincoln Academy is a highly qualified teacher and their highest goal is to have each of their students reach their learning objectives.
I am married to my best friend Aaron and together we have three funny, smart, and talented daughters. We enjoy mountain biking, hiking, skiing, traveling, camping, and laughing together. I love spending time with my family!