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For the 2021-2022 School Year, Lincoln Academy received an exemplary grade by the Utah State Board of Education. View the full report here.

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Lincoln Academy Charter School

Inspiring children to excel
Lincoln Academy students serve, overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and respect differing backgrounds, learning values to prepare for their future and unify our school and community. 

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Student to Teacher/Aide Ratio



Higher Proficiency than State Averages (based on Math and Reading test scores)


Charter School of the Year


No Private School Tuition Fees

(Basic, Activity, Junior High Electives, and Extracurricular Fees still apply.)


Separate elementary and junior high schools – on one campus


Chromebooks or iPads for each student in every classroom

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Lincoln Academy charter school offers flexibility for students to move to different classes based on varying abilities.

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To prepare our students for the future, each student has access to a personal device in every class from Kindergarten through 9th Grade.

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Lincoln Academy charter school is home to an award-winning junior high music program.

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Multi-year state champions in basketball, cross-country, soccer, and volleyball.

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When we moved from one of the top school districts in Northern Virginia with nationally recognized schools and put our son in Lincoln Academy, I thought it would not be possible for him to have the caliber of schooling he’d left. I was wrong!

Lincoln Academy is an incredibly impressive educational institution. We have had amazing elementary grade teachers, small class sizes, teaching aides in every class, scholastic expectations which require discipline and hard work, an award winning lunch program, activities that unify the school community and a stellar administration and support staff who really make the school a dream to be a part of.

Our son is learning, thriving, and literally jumps out of bed every day to go to his awesome school. I am so grateful we are a part of the Lincoln Academy family.

Parent, 3/27/21 

My boys loved attending Lincoln Academy. The teachers are superior and held my boys to very high standards with their classwork, homework and orchestra performances. There was never an issue with bullying.  I was so pleased with the office staff and the cafeteria staff. I have only one complaint about the school and that is they only go through 9th grade. I wish they were a K-12 school.

~Valerie C.

I have had 3 daughters attend Lincoln Academy over the past many years, and we have experienced all grades from Kindergarten through 9th grade. It has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience for my children! We have had very positive experiences with the staff, the teachers, and the curriculum.  Principal Jake Hunt is doing a great job and runs the school efficiently and effectively. When they have tried new things, they seek parent input and pivot as needed. The Board of Trustees is actively engaged in providing the best experiences for the kids. We have been involved with school plays, fundraisers, girls basketball, classroom parties, volunteer hours, and student council. I really enjoy the community feel as we have participated in these activities. Lincoln has expanded over the years and I am impressed with how they have managed the growth. Highly recommend Lincoln Academy!

~Christine C.

I’ve been here since kindergarten. Now I’m in ninth grade and it’s truly a great school. The teachers are kind and foster learning. The staff is always ready to help and does a fantastic (and professional) job of managing the school. This environment promotes good character in students and has produced leadership on a level that is seen in both individuals and groups (such as Student Council, sports teams, and specialty classes). This school brings together people from all over the county, promotes giving and fundraising, and will always maintain a spirit of fun and learning.

~Calvin S.

Lincoln Academy is by far the best school I have ever been a part of! I have worked/helped in many schools throughout Utah as I gained my teaching degree and now while raising my children. The staff and faculty are top notch and treat everyone with exceptional kindness. I’m blessed to belong to such an amazing school family.

~Michelle Hild

My son used to go here, he’s now in high school. During his time there he often spoke about how great first-rate this school was. I’ve seen over the years he’s grown and progressed through his studies History, Math, ex. I’d say that this has been the best for my son and my family.

~Alexander R.