Robin Merrill


I was born in Idaho, and while growing up, lived in Oregon, Arizona, Chicago, and Nova Scotia, Canada. Moving around taught me that friends can be found anywhere and that a big part of who I am and who I become is dependent upon my own efforts to make connections with others.

I attended Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho) and then spent a year and a half in Ecuador. I grew to love the country and the people. They had a life-long impression on me. When I returned, I attended Brigham Young University where I received my Bachelor’s degree while studying English, Education, and Spanish. It was there that I met my husband and we married the week after we graduated together.

I received my Master’s in Elementary Education from Utah State University and I am always looking for new things to learn. I have a strong belief that being involved in education requires me to always be a student.

I have worked at several charter schools in Utah Valley both as a teacher and as a member of the administrative team. With this background, I became very aware of Lincoln Academy and the strong foundation that is here. Lincoln sets itself apart from other schools not only through its academic rigor, but also with the quality of educators that work here, the involvement of its parents, and character and standards set by its students.

I’m so happy to be here at Lincoln and to be a part of such a successful team. I believe there is an excitement and energy here that comes from the expansion, but part of that excitement fundamentally comes from a faculty and staff that believe they can make a positive difference in the life of each student. I have three beautiful daughters, one fantastic son-in-law, and one soon-to-be son-in-law. Erin was named after a hurricane and is married to Levi, Allison loves soccer and is engaged to Brandon, and Jenna isn’t spoiled as the youngest at all. I also have a great dog named Moki. I love to read and I believe that the book is always better than the movie. I have an intense love for the ocean and my favorite place on earth is Maui.

I’m so excited to be on the Lincoln Academy team!