Lincoln at a Glance

Happy Thankgiving!

Let Us Give Thanks and Eat Turkey

Welcome back to Lincoln at a Glance! On behalf of Lincoln, we are grateful for the chance to get to know our students and see their growth. Though they aren’t always thankful to wake up for school each morning, we hope the activities we have planned for them will make them think otherwise!

We have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that due to the shortened week with the break, there isn’t a ton to put in this newsletter. The good news is that there is a break! Read on to get all the information you need!

Lincoln at a Glance

  • Junior High Turkey Bowl – Nov. 21st
  • Thanksgiving Break Reminder – Nov. 22nd
  • Please Don’t Pick Your Kids Up Early Tomorrow (Nov. 21st)

Junior High Turkey Bowl – Nov. 21st

Tomorrow, November 21st, we will be having our Junior High Turkey Bowl! Make sure you students don’t miss this fun activity!

Thanksgiving Break Reminder

Just a reminder that Thanksgiving break starts this week from November 22-26th, so the long weekend starts on Wednesday!

Important Notice – Don’t Check Out Students Early


Due to the number of JH & elementary festivities tomorrow and difficulty in locating students, we ask that you please  DO NOT check student(s) out early.

Much work has gone into planning these activities and are designed to create friendship and unity among  students. 

All JH students will participate in several options today. Ie:  Turkey Bowl, game rooms, movie room, chess, and other misc. options.  

Elementary will be doing activities within their classrooms.


Junior High Events

  • Nov. 21st – Junior High Turkey Bowl

Thank You All and Good Luck!