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Spirit Week

Lets Show Our School Spirit!

Welcome back to Lincoln at a Glance, your favorite subscription to all the tips and announcements to help you survive the school year. This week, we have an awesome chance for you to show how much you love your school. Say hello to spirit week, and goodbye to decision fatigue, because we have your wardrobe planned out to maximize school spirit! We also have some fun activities planned for our students during this week. So keep on reading and don’t miss out on the fun activities (and important announcements, we mix those in there so you think that they are fun too.)

Lincoln at a Glance

  • Thanksgiving Break Reminder – Nov. 22nd
  • Thanksgiving Lunch – Nov. 14th (Just for students)
  • Start of PJ Drive
  • Afterschool Art Classes
  • JH Super Iexcell Activity
  • JH Saturday School
  • Junior High Events

Thanksgiving Break Reminder

Just a reminder that Thanksgiving break starts next week from November 22-24th, so the long weekend starts on Wednesday! 

Spirit Week! 

Everyone knows that Santa’s sleigh doesn’t work unless everyone everywhere has enough Lincoln Academy school spirit, so our amazing Student Council has been working overtime (within legal limits) to help out! Thanks to them, we now have Spirit Week at Lincoln, and it’s this week!

See the themes for each day below!

Monday: Grade Colors

Tuesday: Tie-dye Tie Tuesday

Wednesday: Favorite Teacher Day – Junior High / Disney Day – Elementary

Thursday: Neon Colors

Friday: Sports Day


Reminder to follow dress code standards! Pants and shoes should still be uniform and dress code appropriate. 

Thanksgiving Lunch – Nov. 14

If you’re the type to skip school, this is not the day to miss! Our lunch staff has been working hard to create the PERFECT Thanksgiving lunch for our students, so make sure you’re there! Reminder, this is just for students!

PJ Drive – Nov. 15-30

If you are in the giving spirit, this is the event for you! Our Student Council is running a PJ Drive from November 15-30.

We’re asking for only new and complete pajama sets. Thank you all!

Afterschool Art Classes

The afterschool art classes continue into November and December with Mr. De Oliverira! Sign up at the link below and read the flier for more information!

Junior High Events

  • Nov. 16th – Boys Basketball – 4:30-6:30pm at Lakeview Academy, Saratoga Springs
  • Nov. 17th – Super Iexcell Activity
  • Nov. 18th – Saturday School

Thank You All and Good Luck!