Lincoln at a Glance

Missoula Children’s Theater

Ladies and Genltemen . . .

We formally welcome you to this weeks Lincoln at a Glance. If you are an appreciator of the arts, this is a week for you. The Missoula Children’s Theater is performing near you at Lincoln Academy! If your child is performing, we wish them the best of luck. If you are the parent that will be driving them back and forth to their practices, we wish you even more luck. This week we’ll also be celebrating Veteran’s day with a Veteran’s Day breakfast.

Keep on reading to get all the important tips and details!

Lincoln at a Glance

  • Important Carpool Updates
  • Afterschool Art Classes
  • Missoula Theater Showing – Nov. 11th
  • Veteran’s Day Breakfast – Nov. 10th
  • Junior High Events

Important Carpool Updates

Rule Change

Thank you so much for all you are doing to support Lincoln as we work through the road construction. We appreciate that you make every effort to pick your students up promptly after school, but we know that sometimes there are special circumstances. Therefore, we are going to be making a small change to afternoon carpool. Once the last car in the carpool line has given their number, our carpool staff will be clocking out. We will move any students who have not been picked up to the waiting area in front of the office for supervision purposes. If you see the back fence closed, please pull to the circle in front of the office and come in to get your student. We want to make sure that all of our students are in line of sight while they are still on our campus.

– Thanks for supporting us in keeping our students safe!

Line Etiquette

We would like to remide everyone to pay extra care to not block public access to things such as mailboxes, emergency vehicle designated areas, and especially intersections. Please do not block intersections as this becomes a traffic hazard. 

Be extra careful when entering the parking lot and the entire time you are in the carpool line. Do your best to remove distractions and to watch carefully for the aids who are helping to maintain the flow of carpool traffic and especially the students that are trying to leave campus. Drive slowly and please be patient so as to avoid making a tragic mistake.

– We appreciate you and all you do to make this experience as efficient as possible.

Veteran’s Day Lunch – Nov. 10th 8:15AM

Veterans and their spouses are invited to enjoy a patriotic breakfast at Lincoln Academy’s Eagle Cafe on Friday November 10th at 8:15am. The 5th grade class will conclude breakfast with a presentation from 9:00-9:30am.

This invitation is open to Veteran family members of all students at Lincoln Academy (Veteran parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc). Please complete the form below as your RSVP by Wednesday, November 8th 1:00 p.m. If you are not a Veteran and joining us for breakfast please bring $5.00 cash or check. We do not have change to give so please bring correct amount.

Fill out form HERE!

Missoula Children’s Play

Come support our students in the production of Cinderella with Missoula Children’s Theater! Perfourmances are Saturday Nov 11th at 12:30pm and 3pm in the Elementary Gym. Tickets can be purchased at the door prior to the show. $5 for anyone 5 years and older.

Thank you all for your help in putting this together. Lets support our students!

Afterschool Art Classes

The afterschool art classes continue into November and December with Mr. De Oliverira! Sign up at the link below and read the flier for more information!

Junior High Events

  • No events this week!


Thank You All and Good Luck!