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Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat or Your Favorite Newsletter

Welcome to Lincoln at a Glance everyone! On behalf of Lincoln Academy, we are happy to wish you a lovely Halloween Eve. May you rest easy tonight knowing tomorrow you may collect free candy from strangers (as long as you are dressed as a scary monser and are within socially acceptable age ranges for trick-or-treating.) We are so excited to celebrate this holiday with our students! We really do have an awesome line up for them with the dance, parades, and the special Halloween lunch! Although you are surely busy celebrating and decorating, it’s imparative that you read on to properly prepare yourself for this amazing week.


Read on and gain the wisdom you need for the week ahead!

Lincoln at a Glance

  • Important Carpool Updates
  • JH Halloween Dance – Oct 31st 3-4:30PM
  • Elementary & Kindergarten Halloween Parade – Oct 31st 10:35AM / 1:45PM
  • Halloween Lunch
  • Audition Notice
  • Junior High Grading
  • Junior High Super Iexcell Activity
  • Classroom Emergency Boxes
  • Auditions For All Grades
  • Junior High Events

Important Carpool Updates

Rule Change

Thank you so much for all you are doing to support Lincoln as we work through the road construction. We appreciate that you make every effort to pick your students up promptly after school, but we know that sometimes there are special circumstances. Therefore, we are going to be making a small change to afternoon carpool. Once the last car in the carpool line has given their number, our carpool staff will be clocking out. We will move any students who have not been picked up to the waiting area in front of the office for supervision purposes. If you see the back fence closed, please pull to the circle in front of the office and come in to get your student. We want to make sure that all of our students are in line of sight while they are still on our campus.

– Thanks for supporting us in keeping our students safe!

Line Etiquette

We would like to remide everyone to pay extra care to not block public access to things such as mailboxes, emergency vehicle designated areas, and especially intersections. Please do not block intersections as this becomes a traffic hazard. 

Be extra careful when entering the parking lot and the entire time you are in the carpool line. Do your best to remove distractions and to watch carefully for the aids who are helping to maintain the flow of carpool traffic and especially the students that are trying to leave campus. Drive slowly and please be patient so as to avoid making a tragic mistake.

– We appreciate you and all you do to make this experience as efficient as possible.

JH High Halloween Dance

All Jr. High students are invited to a Halloween dance on Tuesday, October 31st from 3-4:30 PM. It will be for all junior high students and will be held in the Elementary gym at Lincoln Academy. The theme of the dance will be “Barbie and Ken’s Haunted Dream House,” Costumes are approved to wear at the dance and during class time. No weapons (look alike weapons), masks or “blood” of any kind will be allowed. The costumes must also be modest and not offend any group of people. Staff members need to be able to identify students in costume. Jr. High students WILL NOT be participating in the elementary parade.

Elementary & Kindergarten Halloween Parade – Oct 31st

As you prepare for Halloween and if you choose to buy costumes, we wanted to send a few reminders and guidelines:

All students are allowed to wear their costumes to school on Halloween. However, students will not be allowed to wear masks during school instruction time. Elementary students will be allowed to wear them during the parade.  Student faces may be painted if a Lincoln staff member can still recognize the student. 

Additionally, no weapons or “blood” of any kind will be allowed.  The costumes must also be modest and not offend any group of people. Staff members need to be able to identify students in costume.

Halloween Costume Parade, Tuesday October 31st at 1:45pm 

All families attending the parade will enter from the Jr. High gym doors and be seated in the bleachers.  All elementary classes will pass through the gym.  

Morning Kindergarten parade will be at 10:40am and parents will line the hallways outside the library.

Parents, due to the extreme number of visitors to the school on Halloween, no parents will be allowed to enter the elementary side of the building between 1:30-2:25pm. 

There will be no student check outs between 1:30-2:30pm on Halloween.  

The office will be closed during this time.  

Please help us keep all students and staff members safe by following the above instructions.

Special Halloween Lunch

Reminder to all parents, we apologize, but only students will be allowed at the Halloween lunch due to space. Thank you all for understanding!

Auditions for K-6th

Junior High Grading

Hi parents! Please review the slide show at the link below for Junior High Grading. It has been shown in homeroom and assemblies to your students, but we wanted to make sure this information was shared direcelty to you!

Please See Slideshow Here!


JH Super Iexcell Activity – Parent Drivers Needed

We NEED drivers. We are meeting at the school (Jr. High gym) no later than 9:20 AM. Pick up from Classic Skating in Orem will be at NOON. Please be prompt so that students can arrive back to school for lunch and the remaining class periods. If you can drive, please email You must have a current Lincoln-approved background check, and can provide a current copy of your insurance, and driver’s license please upload your information with this link.

Field Trip Driver Form


Classroom Emergency Boxes – Donations Needed

All of our classrooms need a few items replaced in the emergency boxes. There will be a list below where you can sign up to help us replace them. We will have a box by the front office for donations to be put in. Keep in mind every $13.00 you donate counts as 1 volunteer hour. Not mentioned in the sign up, we are in need of any unused Halloween candy. Thank you for your help in getting these items replaced. We will be collecting donations from 10/25-11/03.!/showSignUp/30E094FABA72BA6FB6-45581456-classroom


Thank You

– Parent Council at Lincoln Academy


Junior High Events

  • Oct. 25th – Boys Basketball Game 4:30-6:30p
  • Oct. 31st – Halloween Dance 3-4:30PM
  • Nov. 1st – Boys Basketball Game 4:30-6:30pm at Early Light Academy South Jordan
  • Nov. 6th – Boys Basketball Game 4:30-6:30pm at North Star Academy Bluffdale


Thank You All and Good Luck!