Ian Holm

Computer Science

I was born here in Orem Utah, and spent most of my childhood in various parts of Utah County. I also spent some of my early life living in California, Indiana and the United Kingdom. Moving around to all those places gave me lots of experience with lots of different schools and teachers growing up, many of whom inspired me to become interested in education.

Technology has also been a strong interest for me since a young age. I have been interested in computers, video games, smartphones and all other kinds of tech since I was a child. This led me to begin studying computer science at Utah Valley University and becoming certified as a Web Developer at a programming school called Devmountain. Before working in education I was employed in the technology industry, doing software development and search engine optimization.

I have been teaching for one year now, and Lincoln Academy is my first school. I have loved working with the incredible students here as they learn more about computer programming and technology. It is my goal to help students not only learn about programming, but also learn how to think logically and find solutions to problems they face. I believe in making sure that students know how to acquire knowledge and apply it to their lives.

I am looking forward to working with many of you to help the students here at Lincoln Academy succeed both now and in the future.