Timmie Lynn Webster

Third Grade

This will be my fifteenth year at Lincoln Academy, and I have absolutely been thrilled with the wonderful students here. It really has been more than I ever dreamed of! I am looking forward to next year already and am so grateful to have the opportunity to be at such a wonderful school. My husband and I have 5 amazing children, 2 terrific son-in-laws, an incredible daughter-in-law, and 9 adorable grandchildren! (Ok, I might be a bit biased). My greatest joy in life centers on time spent with my family. We love doing many things together, including camping, four wheeling, traveling, fishing, and playing volleyball. I love holidays and like to spend a lot of time preparing for them. I enjoy being creative and love to use this within the classroom.
I received my degree from Brigham Young University about 38 years ago. I was a stay at home mom for most of this time, and I consider this period of my life as the greatest of all my educational endeavors. I have always tried to be involved in education and have served in many community, school, and church capacities. My husband left his job as an engineer 20 years ago to pursue his dream of being a high school teacher. He has loved it, and I guess years of listening to his “tales of teaching” finally made me realize how much I wanted to have the same experience. I love learning and will always continue to further my skills and abilities as an educator.
I have a strong belief in the value of each child and feel that each one of them can be successful. I know that each student is endowed with unique capabilities and that as a teacher I have an important responsibility to help each one expand his/her horizons of learning and education. I feel that it is important that I am approachable and maintain an open door of communication and cooperation with parents. I believe in a multi-style approach to teaching and am sensitive to different learning styles. As a parent of a special needs child, I have learned that though we are all different, there is one thing that we have in common…and that is the right to try. I hope to create a learning environment that encourages students to “push” their boundaries and helps them to understand that as they try new things that they are only competing against themselves. I want them to learn that there is great joy to be found in simply doing our best, and that as long as we keep trying, we will never fail. I strongly feel that this philosophy is consistent with the school’s mission to “inspire children to love learning” in a way
that will “empower them to explore and achieve their individual potential.”
Let me again express my excitement on the opportunity to be on faculty here at Lincoln Academy. I especially appreciate the incredible Board and Administration that do such an outstanding job in providing an optimum environment for learning and growth. I look forward to being able to work with your children.