Michelle Pollard

Sixth Grade

I am so excited to be here at Lincoln Academy and in Utah! I was born and raised and lived all of my life (until now) in Melbourne, Australia. Yes……..I still have my Australian accent!! My husband, Steve, and I have four amazing children – two daughters and two sons. The two girls are all grown up and still live in Australia (I miss them like crazy!!!), and the boys are here with me and are loving all the opportunities high school has afforded them here in Utah. They are in their Junior and Senior years respectively.

From an early age, my strongest memories of myself are playing “Teacher” in my room with my teddies lined up as students. I even pretended that a tennis racket was a guitar and taught my teddies songs!! Music made such an impact on my childhood and teenage years and was the impetus for my University studies. After high school in Australia, I studied music for two years at Box Hill TAFE (the equivalent of community college in the US). I then went on to Melbourne University for four years, where I earned my Bachelor of Education with Music as my major course of study and Voice my main instrument. Sometimes I love nothing better than to sing a classical Aria, and at other times I love to sing Jazz, Musical Theatre, and Contemporary. Being vocally versatile is super important to me. I finished my degree while expecting our first child and, after some time, taught at a private high school. With our second child on the way, we decided to take the opportunity for me to stay home to rear our children. During that time, I did some substitute teaching at both local high schools and primary (elementary) Schools. I also ran a business from home for over ten years.

A couple of years ago, a dear friend and educator expressed to me her strong feeling that my “teaching talents” were being wasted! To be honest, it surprised me! She said, “The classroom needs you!” I’m so grateful for her “gentle” or perhaps, not so gentle nudge because she inspired and empowered me to get back into teaching. I have rediscovered my passion for teaching, connecting, and building strong relationships with students. I live for those “A-ha” moments and for when students feel safe, secure, and empowered in their learning and, therefore themselves. I love that Lincoln Academy’s mission statement so beautifully aligns with my “Why” and my passion for developing and building Teacher/Student connectedness.

Outside of school, I love spending time with new Utah friends and my beautiful family. I enjoy being creative and always interested in new hobbies.

I am so grateful and excited to be at Lincoln Academy and especially excited to facilitate the Music education/immersion of your children. I know we are going to have fun getting to know one another. I promise to teach some Australian songs!