Carol Jackson

Sixth Grade

My name is Carol Jackson, and I will be teaching sixth grade world history this year. History was by far my least favorite subject when I was in school, due in part to the fact that I never had an inspiring history teacher. I promised myself that I was going to become the teacher I always wanted to have. I now find history to be fascinating! I have been teaching here at Lincoln since the first year the school opened and have developed my love of history by teaching history to fifth and sixth graders for many years. I’ve visited historical sites and attended many history-based teacher seminars. I love people, and I’ve come to realize that history is all about people and their stories, and that each one of us is a part of history.
I feel very fortunate to have been able to travel extensively throughout the world, and I have a record of my travels written on my travel “log” in the classroom. I was also able to live in Canada, Israel, and Brazil. Becoming acquainted with other cultures has deepened my interest in the lives of people, both past and present, throughout the world.
I graduated from BYU with a composite degree in secondary education and biology, and I have taught at the preschool, elementary, junior high, and high school levels. My husband and I have seven children and fifteen grandchildren. Besides teaching, I love traveling, playing music, biking, reading, and knitting.
I expect my students to commit themselves to the learning process by staying on task, doing their best work, and showing respect to everyone. My goal is to foster a positive and challenging environment in the classroom, so students will find learning to be both engaging and fulfilling.
People learn in many different ways, and my approach to teaching is to provide my students with auditory, visual, and kinesthetic experiences. When students make emotional connections to the subject matter we are focusing on, they will retain those connections for a long time—maybe even for a lifetime.
I am excited for this upcoming adventure as I teach all four sixth grade classes about our world and its history.