Stacey Shaw

Sixth Grade

There is nothing more constant in this life than change! This is something that I have fully embraced in my life! My husband, Steve, and I are enjoying life as empty nesters…. And not just your average empty nesters because our children have chosen to take those wings that we gave them and to fly. This is a huge change for us, as family is everything to me. ???? I have a daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters (who call me Super Grandma) in Alabama. Another daughter and son-in-law who are currently in Houston, TX, but they will be moving to Maryland in the next few months. I have a daughter who just returned in May from an LDS mission in the Netherlands. She will be attending Utah State in the fall. And… my youngest son is currently serving in Russia on an LDS mission. Having four children in six years seemed like such a good idea when they were young!

When my oldest was a baby, I chose to stay at home and be a mom. Staying home wasn’t easy for me. I needed to keep doing something, so I did preschool in my home when she was old enough. I taught piano lessons in my home when she was old enough. And, when my baby entered Kindergarten, I started substituting full-time at my kids’ school so that I could be with them but still be teaching children.

Several years ago, I made the jump to Lincoln Academy as a Teaching Assistant. I am now teaching 6th grade here at Lincoln Academy, and I am very excited about this opportunity. Middle School is an amazing time in life. Students are eager and able to do many things that they have never done before. They can grasp new concepts and handle more responsibilities.

I know that students can learn and do anything. The sky’s the limit, but not everything will come easily to every student. We can all help each other to succeed because we all come with different talents to offer. If students will learn to work hard and also learn that work can be fun and rewarding, they will succeed! I love watching and helping students learn and seeing that “AHA” moment when things finally click. I am a firm believer in the power of reading, and I know that students who love to read can go anywhere in life! I look forward to working with you and your students this year!