Robert Arteta

Learning Strategies, Spanish

Teaching is an honorable profession. Teachers, like parents, make a difference in the lives of children. I have always wanted to work with students where I may be able to influence their lives for good. Too many young people experience moments were their lives change abruptly and their lives are filled with pain and disappointments.

My parents divorced when I was a young child and my three sisters, a brother and I lived with our father in a remote area of Arequipa, Peru. The town lacked water, roads and other modern commodities. I worked hard to help my family by carrying barrels of water for everyday use, washing dishes, cleaning, assisting building the house, etc. My father believed that education was the best medicine to cure poverty and worked hard his whole life to make sure his children had the best education possible. However, I was young and full of dreams different than those my father had for me.

I left Peru at the age of 20 years old, with $90 in my pocket, a high school diploma and ambition unequal to others. I did not know the language, where I would land once I arrived here, or anyone to meet me. It was here that I quickly realized that my father was right and education was the key to success. I worked as a dishwasher and in other manual labors to finance my college education.

I am a true believer that you can do and be anything in life if you put your mind and heart into it. However, you must want it badly enough. This is what I am determined to teach my students. We begin with a dream or a desire and do not stop until we touch the stars.

I met my wife at Brigham Young University and later we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where I earned a Masters Degree in Education Administration from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. In 1992, my family and I moved to Palmdale, California, where I taught Spanish, and English as a Second Language for 13 years. I also worked as a Soccer Coach, English Language Committee Director and Substitute School Administrator. My interests include soccer, family activities and gardening. My heart has always been in Utah, and I jumped at the chance to move back when the opportunity came. I am delighted to be part of the working force at Lincoln Academy, and look forward to the new school year.