Candy Bennett

Music, Yearbook

I absolutely love working at Lincoln Academy. We have amazing students, parents and faculty. I graduated from Southern Utah University with a Bachelor’s in Secondary Music Education in 2012 and have taught at Lincoln Academy ever since, 2019-2020 will be my 8th year here and I still love it.

I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a music teacher and had the opportunity to experiment with many instruments including: Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Bass, Violin, Trumpet, French Horn, Clarinet, Ukulele, Marimba, percussion, ect. Music has always been a large priority in my life thanks to the influence of my own music teachers such as Ms. Rose Eyre, my own jr. high music teacher.

Besides music, I have a love of animals and live in what could be considered a zoo, taking care of many rescue animals including dogs, cats, lizards, and a hedgehog.

Teaching music is, by far, the best job I could ever ask for. I love working with the students every day, helping them to become better people and musicians and discover their own passions. The cool thing about music is that it can help shape and change the world around us.

I am so excited to keep working with your students and can’t wait to meet all the new students who will be joining the music program.