Michael Corless

Anatomy, Health/Fitness

My name is Coach Michael Corless. I will be your child’s physical education teacher this school year. I have a very energetic passion for health and physical activity. During my previous years of education and training, I have had the opportunity to increase my knowledge, of physical education, and the role that it plays in mental and physical development. In general, I think that physical education classes have a negative connotation for both parents and students. I want to change that view into a positive one. I want them to get pumped about breaking a sweat! I want to have fun! Through my dedication to your students and to my teaching curriculum, I hope that I can transform the opinion of physical into an optimistic and productive stance. I believe that physical education can greatly impact and ultimately change an individual’s life.
My goal for the school year is to share my love and passion for physical education with my students. I plan to do this by introducing a variety of activities that range from volleyball to biking and hiking. I will use the natural resources around our area to find activities that can be done outdoors as well as indoors. I want each student to find an activity that they not only can physically do but also that they will enjoy doing. I understand that every child is unique and has different needs. Not every child enjoys running or swimming; some students prefer team sports such as soccer or basketball. With my approach, my hope is that I will be able to assist the students in overcoming any physical limitations and focus on their talents and areas of strengths. My wish is that their desire to be physically active will be ignited and continue to grow the rest of their lives.
My class will be an environment where students feel comfortable expressing themselves through physical activity. They will never be degraded for their struggles or weaknesses. Students will be required to encourage each other and support each other’s physical efforts. Every student will be expected to challenge themselves and give 100% effort