Jonatan De Oliveira


I am originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have been living in Utah since 2005. Even though I am from a tropical country, I love the snow and scenery from the winter here. I am married and have four wonderful children. As a family, we love camping and watching movies. We have a lot of fun and we are always trying to learn new things.

I graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor of Science in Art Education and I really enjoy practicing and teaching art. I am a Level 1 and 2 Google Certified Educator. I have also been an active part of the American Fork Steel Days Art Show and have enjoyed seeing the creative side of people of all ages.

I have been doing art for as long as I can remember, it has always been part of my life. I strongly encourage people to become more artistic. Many times people think that they cannot become artists because they don’t have the talent. Art is a talent, but it is also a skill and as with any other skill, if you practice you will become good at it, practice a little more, and become an expert. As with any other subject area, dedication makes the difference.

My goal as an art educator is to help students see that they have all that it takes to become a great artist. They don’t have to be the next da Vinci or Michelangelo. They just have to be themselves and portray what they feel the best they can. If they continually practice, art will become a great influence in their lives.