Katy Keeslar


I grew up in Lehi, Utah. I attended Utah State University and declared myself an Aggie. I was in the elementary education program when I decided that I actually wanted to teach mathematics. I completed the elementary education program and also completed a mathematics endorsement. I have absolutely loved teaching junior high. I did not always understand math in junior high, which was very frustrating at times. This is the reason why I can relate on a more personal level to students. I also went through the math-hating stage that many students go through around this time.

I enjoy doing activities, particularly outside activities. Paddle boarding, pickleball, kayaking, volleyball, softball, four wheeling, dirt biking, hiking, running, and camping are a few of my favorite things to do. I also love reading, jigsaw puzzles, and traveling. I have a goal to travel to all fifty states.

My goal as a teacher is to prepare students for life. Mathematics is very important to understand because it is used in daily life. It is something that everyone needs to know. However, learning how to be an excellent human being in society is more important. Without knowing how to be successful, being a student has no purpose. The principles behind why we do things are important. I try to teach students weekly how to build good character by making goals and working on the development of positive character traits. Our world needs sustainable and responsible citizens who can handle challenges.