Chad Kennedy

American Sign Language

This is my eighth years teaching at Lincoln Academy and I am so excited to begin. I am thrilled to have the experience of working with the faculty, staff, parents and students. I feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to teach American Sign Language and Deaf Culture.
I am from Sierra Vista, Arizona and I am deaf. My family learned sign language. I started out in a hearing school but ended up in a deaf school in Tucson, Arizona, which I loved. I loved playing basketball and I enjoyed hanging out with my deaf friends. I love communicating with deaf and hearing people using American Sign Language.
I am excited to tell people my story and teach anyone who wants to communicate with a deaf person. I love to meet new people, chat, tell jokes and get involved in activities. I have played basketball since I was in middle school and I enjoy relating experiences to sports. I attended Utah Valley University and graduated in Master of Education in Teacher Leadership. I love being a teacher. I am deaf but I believe deaf people can do anything when given the opportunity.
I believe education has the highest of importance. I am excited to be teaching the students American Sign Language. I am excited to see the students learn and improve communicating with the deaf people and me. We will have fun activities with ASL while learning a new language. We will have a safe environment in my classroom where students will feel comfortable sharing and learning with one another. I am always patient with the students learning ASL. I am looking forward to meet you in my class.