Penny Roberts

Second Grade

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Lincoln Academy, and I’m looking forward to my 13th year in second grade! Teaching children is a dream come true, and second grade is exactly where I want to be.

As I reflect back, I believe my passion for teaching was inspired when I was a shy little girl in 2nd grade, and a teacher made a difference in my life. In a class of 31, I knew she noticed me, loved me, and was able to excite me to learn new things. My goal is to make that same difference in the lives of second-grade students at Lincoln Academy. The school’s mission statement, “To inspire children to love learning and empower them to explore and achieve their potential,” matches my mission statement as a teacher. I believe in motivating kids to become lifelong learners, while modeling the character traits they need to grow into happy, well-adjusted adults. As I intertwine school subjects and provide opportunities for the children to experience as much as possible by doing and seeing, I see learning come alive. As a teacher who influences young children’s minds, I desire to lead them to beautiful treasures which will kindle their innate curiosity and desire to learn.

Lincoln Academy feels like my home away from home. I hope to make it feel the same way for my new group of second-grade students!