Lauralee Hill

Second Grade

I come from a family of educators. Both of my parents were school teachers and my grandfather was a teacher, an administrator, and also the bus driver! Teaching is in my blood. I also come from a home where reading was modeled and valued. My mother was passionate about reading to her children. I remember bedtime when I was a child as a wonderful time because it meant that my mom would sit in the hall between my brothers’ room and the room I shared with my sisters and read out loud. It is one of my favorite childhood memories. I’m excited to read to your children and have them read to me. There is nothing I love more than watching a child discover the pure magic of a great book. And I’m eager to step into the circle of educators in my family who have been loving, teaching and influencing children for more than sixty years.
While teaching is in my blood, I came to the profession later in life. I spent my childhood on a sheep farm in Idaho where I swam in ditches, trained pigs and sheep to be shown in our local county fair, and drove a tractor before I took Driver’s Ed. I married my husband, Jay, after an 18 month adventure in the Dominican Republic and together we have four children who have made our hair turn gray from stress and our faces turn wrinkly from laughter. 25 years after beginning my degree at Ricks College I finally finished it at BYU Idaho. I have invested the years in between at home with my family and have relished the time I had to play with them, learn from them and enjoy them. I am thrilled to be back for my third year as part of Lincoln’s 2nd grade team. This will be a great year!