Andreas Proetel

College Awareness, Explorer Tech, German, Graphic Arts

I was born in Bremen Germany where I grew up in a small community outside of Bremen. I was raised in a family as the youngest child with two older sisters.

I was first introduced to the US through an exchange program. My destination was Lehi, Utah. One semester of college at Utah Valley State College and half a year of work in an American woodworking shop turned out to be one of the best experiences in my life. I decided to return to Utah after I had served my required year of service in the German Army. I decided to become a teacher. In April 2005 I received my Bachelor of Science (Technology Education) from Brigham Young University. I student taught at Lehi Jr. High School and for Granite School District. I have been teaching CTE Intro, German, Physical Education, and Graphic Arts at Lincoln Academy since 2005.

In addition to my formal educational experiences, for the last fifteen years I have worked with youth ages 10-17, in a local competitive soccer program. I gained valuable group management skills and developed positive relationships with the youth in this program. I have come to realize how vital education is in the preparation for young people to achieve success in all endeavors set before them. I hope to foster a love of learning, a desire for constant knowledge within each student and make a difference in each student live.

My philosophy is to help prepare the students to meet the needs and wants of society. The better we prepare students for the “real life” the easier their transition will be for a successful career. That is what school should all be about, teaching children what they will need for their later life and that learning is a life long process. This is where I think technology education comes into play. Technology Education imbeds “hands on“ education of real life concepts and is constantly changing and advancing which creates the need to continue learning everyday of our lives. It will be my job at Lincoln Academy to teach up to date information, which lets students relate to real life professions and, at the same time, integrate other subjects with technology.

I am looking forward to working with many of you in the near future at Lincoln Academy. I am excited to get started and see our students excel.