Candice Tesch

Social Science

I am a wife, mother of seven, museum curator, two-time cancer survivor, MCU fangirl and lover of showtunes. I enjoy travelling to historically or ecologically significant places. I am a kinesthetic learner so when I visit interesting places I MUST touch EVERYTHING. This has occasionally been embarrassing for my family. My favorite travel experiences have involved interactions with wildlife like tiger cubs, alligators and reef sharks.

Before coming to Lincoln Academy, I taught history, geography and psychology in a secure facility for juvenile offenders. This will be my fifth year at Lincoln Academy. I have enjoyed teaching History, Keyboarding and LOVED Student Council. This year, I am excited to focus only on teaching my passions; History & Geography.

As a teacher, I am strict but fun. I believe in lovingly pushing students hard enough so that they can discover just how awesome they truly are. I am proud of our nation, our state and our community. In my classroom, we will discuss topics that embody the principles of gratitude, responsibility and heroism through historical and geographical content. We will also focus on building literacy skills such as writing, research and critical thinking.

I love being a part of the Lincoln Academy family. My colleagues and administrators are among the most talented, dedicated people I have ever worked with. GO EAGLES!!!