Lesa Mecham

First Grade

I love kids! This is probably because I’m a kid at heart and I had a wonderful childhood; growing up in Alpine, attending school in Alpine and American Fork, and doing all the fun things that kids did then and some still do today.
I also love learning and have had many amazing teachers help me along the path to becoming a teacher myself. I feel that every child has the ability to learn and succeed if given the right combination of love, attention, confidence, fun and instruction.
I enjoy living in Alpine surrounded by great friends and beautiful surroundings. A few of my favorite things are flowers and gardens, children’s books, flamingos, diet Coke and ice cream. My husband and I have 4 amazing children and a wonderful son and daughter-in-law and a sweet new grandson–what a delight!. My family is the joy of my life and spending time together is what I look forward to. We enjoy camping, fishing, hiking, sports, backyard family-friendly competitions and any activity that takes us outside or especially into the mountains.
I graduated from Brigham Young University and then taught 2nd and 3rd grade before staying home to see our kids through high school. Once our twins graduated, I returned to teaching and feel very fortunate to be at Lincoln Academy. This will be my fifth year at Lincoln and I love teaching first grade! I look forward to each new group of students and the enthusiasm, smiles and eagerness to learn that they bring to the classroom, as well as the great strides they make during the year. I appreciate the opportunity to teach and learn from wonderful coworkers, students and parents at Lincoln Academy.