Kristine Kirk

Instructional Coach

I fell in love with the exquisite challenge of teaching when I volunteered for ILP as an English Teacher in China. After that, I was all in. I taught 1st grade with Nebo School District for almost 10 years! I’ve also had experiences teaching Elementary Music, ESL groups, Dual Immersion classes (my co-teacher did the Spanish side), and virtual lessons through VIPKid.

In 2018, a wise and dear colleague approached me asking if I’d ever consider transitioning to an Instructional Coaching role. My carefree response was, “Why not?”. The following year, I was assigned to schools in Payson and Springville to mentor new teachers and provide coaching support to anyone who requested it. It was exhilarating to have a broader view of education and I learned so much from the teachers who invited me into their classrooms. Instructional Coaching opened my eyes to the importance of all teachers having access to training, mentorship, and coaching relationships. It has also solidified my long-held belief that educating children can only be a team sport. It’s too big and too important a quest to journey alone.

Lincoln Academy has exemplary educators wholly dedicated to the success of students. I began here as a Special Education Paraprofessional and saw firsthand the caring devotion that exists in every corner of the school. I am humbled and honored to continue partnering with Lincoln for my third year as an instructional coach here. Daily I am inspired by the passion, creativity, and innovative intelligence all around me.

When I’m not solving all the world’s problems with my Lincoln co-workers, I enjoy spending time with my favorite people in the whole world: my charming husband, my two darling daughters, and my playful son. We love reading, hiking, traveling, playing games, singing songs, and doing absolutely nothing… together.