Wednesday, October 6th is “5 Dollar Dress Donation Day.” Students may donate 5 dollars at the door and wear-free dress and a hat. All proceeds will go to benefit Little Mikey Corless in his battle with Kidney Cancer.

Little Mikey Corless is the son of Michael and Melanie Corless. Mikey joined the Corless family this past May. He was recently diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. Treatment, which necessitates weekly travel from his home in Utah to Dallas, Texas, will happen for the next 6-12 weeks at minimum. Following treatment, he will need to undergo surgery to remove the tumor. Following this procedure, he will need to have ongoing screenings every three months until he is 5. There is a 95% chance that until age five, when he would be eligible to have a kidney removed, that cancer will return.
Mikey’s father, Michael, is a teacher and coach at Lincoln Academy. He is an amazing educator, mentor, and friend to all Lincoln families and staff. We all know that educators don’t make much- and certainly not enough to cover the travel costs and yearly out-of-pocket maximum required by insurance companies. We are hoping to help support the estimated cost of travel and the family’s obligation for health care for the next 18 months.
This is optional for staff and students.