Lincoln Academy follows and integrates the Utah Core Standards.

College professors and business executives alike realize that a student’s ability to think clearly, formulate cogent ideas, and then express those ideas both verbally and in writing, is the key to success in any field of study. Lincoln Academy ELA department is dedicated to building skills in the four areas vital to success at the post-secondary level: Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading and Writing. Using a heavily standards-based writing curriculum, students are challenged to learn close reading and apply grade-level and domain specific vocabulary identified by Sadlier-Oxford and aligned with the ACT to prepare for their academic experiences at the next level. Language Arts are the necessary foundation for success in all other curricular areas, and Lincoln Academy is dedicated to content mastery for all of our students.

Knowing that students today need math proficiency more than any other academic skill, Lincoln Academy has aligned with ACT  standards through the Mathematics Vision Project for Secondary Math I, II, and III, and with the Utah Middle School Math Project through the University of Utah. Standards-based grading allows students to continue to work on mathematics concepts until they are mastered. Real-world application is they key to mathematics proficiency, and Lincoln is dedicated to helping students understand how math will integrate through all phases of their education.

Lincoln strives to offer a wide variety of classes beyond the required core of English, Math, Science, Social Studies and PE/Health. Students can choose from Math Lab, Broadcast Journalism, Drama, Creative Writing, Lifetime Activities, Yearbook, Student Council, Foods, Intro to Family and Consumer Sciences, Clothing, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Spanish I, II, German I, II, American Sign Language I, II, Computer Tech, Learning Strategies, Guitar, Choir, Orchestra and Band. All classes follow the recommended standards from the state of Utah

Lincoln Academy meets or exceeds all state standards for Kindergarten through ninth grade. Our curriculum is well-rounded, including sciences, social studies, world and American history, arts, music, health, physical education, character education, foreign language and emotional intelligence. Students who need to be more challenged or need additional assistance are given the opportunity to learn at their individual ability level. The opportunities afforded at Lincoln Academy will inspire each student to develop their gifts and realize their potential. Ultimately this process will encourage confidence in students and create self -motivated learners.


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